Plan Your Visit

Services: Sunday Worship 10:00 AM | Sunday Bible Class 9:00 AM | Wednesday Evening 6:30 PM

What to Expect

I am new here... what's the first step?

Our goal is to welcome each newcomer with open arms. You should be greeted with a smile, offered a cup of hot coffee, helped to find your class and given the opportunity to share. We really desire to practice hospitality.

What is our Assembly like?

Our worship service is friendly. We want you to feel welcome. We want each person to see God at work in our church family. We do not want anyone to feel judged or guilty. We are all sinners who have been forgiven and we want to never make anyone feel that God has no place for you here at CrossWinds. God will find a place for you to find Him at CrossWinds.

What should I wear?

You will find the attire at CrossWinds is very much dependent on what the individual is comfortable in. You will find men dressed in suits and women in dresses. You will also find men in blue jeans and women in pants. We believe that what matters is the heart. We want you to feel comfortable being clothed in humility. (I Peter 5:5)

What about kids?

We are so excited you are here. We are also so happy to see your precious children. We offer Bible school classes for all ages during the “Sunday School” hour. We also offer an attended nursery during the worship hour. We really want our families to grow up together in worship together, so we do not have a “children’s church” but we will never judge anyone over a crying child.

Why do we not meet Sunday nights?

A frequently asked question is why CrossWinds does not meet on Sunday night. We are a very geographically spread out church family. It is not unusual for someone to drive 30 to 45 minutes or even an hour to worship. That is just one of the reasons we do not meet on Sunday night. We choose to not be too time sensitive during our Sunday morning service. Also, we really stress our Care Groups at CrossWinds. Sunday afternoons and evenings are often a time when Care Groups choose to meet and enjoy fellowship. Family is important at CrossWinds – our individual families and the Lord’s family – we want to create a time where that is communicated!

Where are we located?

CrossWinds is located on Highway 45, between Jackson, Humboldt and Milan, a city called Three Way. Our location is central for those in north Madison County and southern Gibson counties.

We have a secure facility

We really value a safe environment for our worship time. We realize that we live in a potentially dangerous time. We have a committed security team.