Get Involved

Care Groups

As part of our family ministry at CrossWinds, Care Groups are warm and intimate communities where families come together to form deeper connections and offer mutual support. These smaller groups create a space for genuine friendships to blossom as families share their lives, joys, and challenges. Below are a few of the ways our Care Groups participate/serve:

  • Worship Service
  • Welcome Center
  • Staff Nursery
  • Fun and Fellowship
  • Community Service


Youth Ministry

The youth ministry at CrossWinds exists to lead people to the life that God longs for each of us to find in His Son, Jesus. We hope to connect young people and their families to the knowledge of God’s Word that can unlock the answers that so many are longing to find. Our young people are very involved in the life of the church. They spend time serving older members of our community as well as mentoring and reaching out to their younger peers. We strive to partner with families in our common goal of seeing our kids grow up to serve God in a mighty way here in this life and ultimately to spend eternity together with our God.

Our youth participate in various activities throughout the year:

  • Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes
  • Train and encourage young men to serve in worship service
  • Youth Group
  • Summer Camps (such as Skyline Christian Youth Camp, Mid South Youth Camp and Horizons)



Foreign Missions

CrossWinds submits to God by serving with the Spirit and showing the cross of Christ to all through foreign missions in:

  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Bahamas
  • Nicaragua
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana


Domestic Efforts

As part of our domestic missions efforts, CrossWinds is an active supporter of Church of Christ Disaster Relief, based in Nashville, Tennessee.


Local Community

Of special importance to our CrossWinds family, are our local community and efforts we support in the Three Way area:

  • Humboldt School System
  • Helping Hands of Humboldt
  • The Mustard Seed in Milan
  • Carl Perkins in Humboldt
  • Isaiah117 House
  • Food/Coat Drive



You and your children have opportunities to grow at CrossWinds. We have various classes for all ages in addition to multiple opportunities outside the normal Sunday and Wednesday services. Some of our programs include:

  • Adult classes
  • TnT+ (twenties and thirties+)
  • Bible classes for all ages
  • VBS (Vacation Bible School)
  • Participation in the are Summer Youth Series
  • Nursery and small children’s classes



Each worship service will look different as multiple men in our congregation have various God-given gifts.

Our worship services will consist of congregational a capella singing, a partaking in the Lord’s supper each Sunday, lessons with real world application and multiple prayers.

Our Wednesday night service includes classes for all ages and each month CrossWinds has a family night that typically includes a meal and presentation by one of our families — as a way for us to all get to know one another better.


Events / Activities

CrossWinds believes a thriving church is one that actively engages and flourishes in its mission and community. Our leadership is very intentional about providing opportunities for all of our members to participate in additional events and activities throughout the year. Individuals can be involved in multiple ministries that line up with his or her talents and interests. A few of these are:

  • Card Ministry
  • Ladies’ Day Events
  • Ladies’ Retreat
  • Men’s Breakfast
  • Men’s Retreat
  • Annual family and youth retreats
  • Photo Group